Final Round - Junior  Division B 

No. 4 Junior Division B

      - Age under 16 (born after July 1st, 2005)

      - Three pieces of contrasting styles.

      - The total duration should be at least 10

        minutes, but no more than 15 minutes.

Final Round USA EST Time :Pm12:00-Pm3:00 August 27

Jury Team

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Jie Liang 

Musical qualification: LRSM (Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music), achieved in 2019

Activities and awards

July 2021, “Nouvelles Étoiles” International Online Music Competition, 15-16 Category, 1st Prize

July 2021, Propiano International Competition, Advanced Category, 3rd Prize

July 2021, Gustav Mahler Piano Competition, Category 7, Second Prize

June 2021, 2nd World Piano E-Competition “Napolinova”, Category B, Fourth Prize

June 2021,VIII Stockholm International Music Competition, Piano C, II Prize

June 2021, International Competition "Symphony of St. Petersburg”, 3 age category, Laureate 1

June 2021, GOCAA International Piano Competition, Junior Division B, First Prize

June 2021, Musicale Piano Classical Music Festival, Age Category 15-17, Honorable mention

June 2021, Paderewski International Piano Competition Special Online Edition, Category “Young Virtuosi”, 2nd Prize

June 2021, Music & Stars Awards, June 2021 edition, Piano D category, Gold Star

June 2021, North International Music Competition, V category, Third Prize

June 2021, Constantine the Great International Competition, III Category, 1st Prize

June 2021, International Moscow Music Competition, Second Prize

May 2021, International Music Competition Opus 2021, Category C, 3rd Prize

May 2021, Musicale Piano Etude Music Festival, Age Category 15-17, 3rd Prize

May 2021, International Piano Competition “Frederic Chopin”, Bacau, Romania, Category E, 2nd Place

May 2021, International Music Competition Opus 2021, Category C, 3rd Prize

May 2021, Orbetello International Piano Competition, Category C, 1st Prize

May 2021, Great Composers Competition: The Music of 20th Century, 1st Prize 

May 2021, Great Composers Competition: The Music of 19th Century, 1st Prize 

May 2021, Great Composers Competition: The Music of 18th Century, 1st Prize 

May 2021, Spotlight National Youth Music Competition, Group C, First Prize

May 2021, Rocky Mountain Piano Competition, Intermediate, 15 – 16 years old category, 2nd Prize

April 2021, Musicale Romantic Music Festival, Age Category 15-17, Honorable Mention

April 2021, The 11th International Competition “Musical Fireworks in Baden - Wuerttemberg”, 2nd Prize

April 2021, Great Composers Competition: The Music of Mediterranean Europe, 1st Prize 

April 2021, Great Composers Competition: The Music of German & Austria, 1st Prize 

April 2021, Great Composers Competition: The Music of Eastern Europe, 1st Prize

April 2021, Great Composers Competition: Best Rachmaninoff Performance 5th Edition, Age Group IV, 1st Prize

March 2021, Great Composers Competition: Best Bach Performance 5th Edition, Age Group IV, 3rd Prize

March 2021, 3rd "Wiener Klassiker" International Online Music Competition, Category B, 2nd Prize

March 2021, “Città di Massa" International Competition For Young Musicians, Category D, Second Prize

March 2021, Brisbane International Youth Music Festival, Under 15, First Place

February 2021, 2021 International Music Competition “London” Grand Prize Virtuoso, First Prize

February 2021,  Millersville International Piano Competition, 3rd Prize in Senior Division

January 2021, 6th International Online Competition & Festival “Winter Stars of Dresden 2021”, Grand Prix Prize 

January 2021, Franz Liszt Center Piano Competition, Category B, 2nd Prize 

January 2021, London Young Musician Online Competition Season 3, Age 15 and under, Silver prize

December 2020, Moscow Music Fantasy International Musician Competition, Group 3, First Prize

October 2020, 10th International Children’s & Youth’s Arts Festival in New Zealand, Performance

August 2020, 2020 Lancaster International Piano Festival at Lancaster PA, Junior Group, 3rd Prize

August 2019, the Sixth Catholic University of America Piano Competition at Washington DC, 2nd Prize in Pre-collegiate Division

July 2019, 2019 Lancaster International Piano Festival at Lancaster PA, Honorable Mention Certificate

May 2019, the 27th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth in Szafarnia, Poland, Diploma Certificate

October 2018, Auckland Secondary Schools Piano Competition in Auckland, New Zealand, Honorable Mention Certificate

July 2018, 8th International Children’s & Youth’s Arts Festival in New Zealand, Performance

January 2018, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory International Master Music Competition, B Group Honour Second Prize

December 2017, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory International Master Music Competition Beijing Division, Piano Solo, Youth Group A, First Prize

December 2017, ABRSM High Scorers’ Concert, invited for Performance

August 2017, 7th International Children’s & Youth’s Arts Festival in New Zealand, Performance


MeiYi He 


Meiyi He is from Shanghai, China and currently lives in San Gabriel, California. She is a lively and outgoing fifteen years old and has been playing the piano since 2016 at the age of ten. In July, 2017, she won second place in the Diamond Bar Performing Arts Competition. Additionally, she also participated in several concerts as the pianist throughout her life, but this is her very first time attending an international piano competition. She enjoys playing piano very much and will continue to work hard in that field. 


Pinn Mahasaranond

Pinn Mahasaranond started her piano studies at age 6, and from 2018, she has joined Piano

Academy of Bangkok under intensive supervision by Dr.Pornphan Banternghansa, and

Dr.Christopher Janwong Mckiggan. Since then, Pinn performed in many concerts as a

soloist in domestic and international music events, such as Budding artist concert by Pro

Musica, CUDFA11 concert, and Sicily International piano festival & competition. She also

won many competitions such as;

Honorable Award winner of the 2020 Chicago International Music Festival & Competition, Bronze winner of the Music Alive 1st International Piano

Competition Online 2020, Silver winner of the WPTA Finland International Piano Competition2020, Most Distinguished Performance Award winner of the 2020 CONERO International Music Festival & Competition, Top prize winner of the

International Music Festival in 2019. Pinn has also developed her skill via many workshops

6th Singapore Raffles

and masterclasses such as; Musicianship for Performers with Jenna Sherry and Prach

Bundeesakunchoke, Chicago International Music Competition and Festival with Daniel Horn,

Steven Spooner and Jay Hershberger, masterclass with Andrey Gyorgy, Christopher



MingAi Gai 

Gai Ming Ai was born in an artistic family in Xiamen in 2007. She began to learn the piano at the age of three. Since 2016, she has been studying under Professor Yang Yunlin, a famous piano educator and master tutor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


In 2017, I was admitted to the Primary School Attached to Shanghai Conservatory of Music with the first place in total score. In 2020, I was recommended to be admitted to the High School Attached to Shanghai Conservatory of Music with excellent professional and cultural performance. I have won scholarships and Niuende Piano Scholarship issued by the school for many times, and won awards in international and national piano competitions for many times.


Since her first piano recital in Xiamen Hongtai Concert Hall at the age of ten, Gai Ming Ai has given many piano recitals in Los Angeles, Spain, Malaga, China, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hangzhou and other cities. At the age of 12, he performed piano concerto with the Pacific Symphony Orchestra led by famous conductor Carl St.Clair at the Soka Concert Hall in Los Angeles. At the age of 13, he performed piano concerto with Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra led by conductor Lin Jinsong at the Wuyuan Concert Hall in Xiamen. In the "Wu Leyi's Centennial Birth Concert" held by Shanghai Conservatory of Music, she performed on the stage with many famous musicians as the only student. Performed on CCTV's special program on behalf of Shanghai Music Affiliated Middle School. In the 66th and 69th anniversary concert of the High School Attached to Shanghai Conservatory of Music, I was recommended to perform the only piano program by the school. In 2021, the special piano recital "Romantic Chopin" was held in Xiamen Cangjiang Theatre (China Performance Academy Line). Tickets were sold out and the audience responded enthusiastically.


Awarded many grand prizes in international and national heavyweight piano competitions:

2021 9th Chopin International Piano Competition in Romania -- Chopin Trophy (Winner of the Grand Prix with the highest score), the only special prize for the first place in group D, the special prize for the best Chopin performance

2021 Scriabin International Piano Competition, China, won the first place in the final professional youth group

The first prize of professional group 2 in the final of the 28th Chopin International Children's Piano Competition in China in 2020

The second prize of professional children group in the final of the 18th Xinghai Cup National Piano Competition in 2020

The first prize of Group D in 2019 Los Angeles International Young Musicians Competition

The first place of Group C and the "Triarte" Grand Prize in 2019 I FIPMA International Piano Competition in Malaga, Spain

Won the first prize in the international youth piano performance group of the attached middle school of Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2019

2018 Hong Kong 9th Asian Youth Piano Art Festival and "Chinese Works Award" International Piano Open Championship champion of children's group

The first place of the 7th Shenzhen Piano Open National Final and the special award of Shenzhen Art School in 2017

The first prize of children group in the national final of "Helen Cup" National Youth Piano Competition in 2016

The first prize of children group in the final of the 4th Macau-Asia Pacific Youth Piano Open in 2015


Paul Wang 1 - 1080 dpi - June 2021.jpg

Paul Wang 

Paul Wang began piano lessons at the age of four. He was invited twice to perform at Carnegie Hall when he was six years old and seven years old. He currently studies piano with Dr. Corey Hamm, Professor of Piano at the UBC School of Music. 

Paul has won numerous competitions, such as First Place at the “MIGP Music International Grand Prix 2021”, the Concerto Winner at the “Seattle Young Artists Music Festival 2019”, the Gold Medalist at the “North West Chopin Competition 2019”, the First Prize at the "Canadian National Music Competition 2017", the Second Prize at the “Vancouver International Music Competition 2018”, and the Concerto Gala Prize at "Pacific International Youth 2018". He received the “Elite Achievement Award 2018” of Canadian Young Artist.

He made his concerto debut at the age of ten and performed ‘Beethoven Piano Concerto No 2’ with orchestra at Perugia Music Fest in Italy in 2017,  and performed ‘Mozart Piano Concerto No 20 K 466’ with orchestra at Perugia in Italy and at Seattle in US when he was twelve years old in 2019. 

Beyond piano performance, Paul loves to give back to the community. When he was nine, he organized his first full recital - “Paul's Charity Concert” in North Vancouver in supporting the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Paul continued his effort in bringing beautiful melodies to the community by holding online monthly concerts through YouTube for the seniors and the residence in the local area. His goal is to bring joy and happiness to the lives of the seniors with "music and love" especially during this difficult time. 

Paul is enjoying the music every day, and also plays Clarinet, Trombone and Saxophone. Paul is a Straight-A Grade 8 student in North Vancouver School District. He loves reading, history, math, science, table tennis.

照片 .jpg

Xuan Xing Wu

Xuanxiang Wu , 14 years old, has been trained professionally under the tutelage of Prof. Ting Zhong since the age of eight,and was admitted to the Music Middle School Affiliated to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (Elementary School) in 2016. 

He has been guided and highly praised by numerous renowned musicians,including Gary Graffman、Susan Starr、Solomon Mikowsky、Katarzyna Popova–Zydroń、Andre Michal-Schub、Lgnat Solzhenitsyn、Matti Raekallio、Vladimir Ovchinnikov…

He has performed in well known venues across the globe and collaborated with numerous orchestras. His achievement was also recognized by countless prizes, scholarships and performance opportunities.

Major events include 

-2021, First Prize and Best performance of a classical Work of Young Artist Group in The Canada International Piano Competition 

-2020,First Prize of 8th GOCAA International Piano Competition TV Screening ,Piano video was selected in the Sino TV - Global Classical music TV Show

-2020,Two piano recitals were successfully held

-2020, Grand Prix ‘Crown of Star’ in the Music And Stars Awards Classical Music Competition

-2020,First prize of excellent middle school student Junyuan Award in the 33rd Shanghai Tang Junyuan Education Foundation 

-2019, First Prize and Special Prize of Junior youth Group in 2019 St.Petersburg International Music Competition 

-2019,First Prize of Professional Group in 2019 USA Musical & Art Exchange International Piano Festival and Competition 

-2019, First Prize of Children Group in the 3rd Futian National Piano Competition for Young pianists of 2019 the 3rd LangLang Shenzhen Futian International Piano Festival 

-2019, First Prize of Open Group 3 in the 2nd USMCE (U.S. Music Certification Exams) Piano Open Competition

-2018,First Prize in the 2018 New York International Music Competition and won the Solomon Mikowsky Award for Outstanding Young Musical Talent.He performed with the New York International Youth Philharmonic  in Carnegie Hall . Which was later he gave an interview to the World Daily .The Performance video posted on Facebook by Classic FM.

-2018 ,he performed with Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra in Symphony Concert of Excellent Students in Piano Department of  Music Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music in He Luting Concert Hall .

-2018, he Selected to study at the Maestro Piano Concerto Class of Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra and performed with Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra .

-2017,he was invited to Taiwan to participate in the Cross-strait Youth Exchange Activity in Music Profession,his performance was highly recognized. 

-2017, he performed with GUMI Chamber Orchestra in the “Care for Autistic Children” GUMI Piano & Orchestra Charity Night Concert in Shanghai He Luting Concert Hall.

-2017, Gold Prize of Professional Junior Group in The Second Seiler & Samick Piano Competition National Finals. 

-2016,Second Prize of Open Group Two in the Germany Finals in The Fifth German Wiesbaden International Piano Competition

-2016,First Prize of Children Group B in The Third Shanghai Spring International Piano E-Competition

-2016,First Prize of Children Group in 2016 Chinese Great Tone Piano Competition .

He has been awarded The Niu Ende Piano Scholarship for five consecutive years.

Besides playing the piano, He also enjoys painting, reading and delicious food.


Yixi Kuang

Yixi Kuang is a incoming Sophmore at Mark Keppal Highschool, California. 

When he was younger, he loved music and started playing the piano at age 9. 

He has been in numerous piano competitions, he has attented GOCAA International Piano Competition winning Second Place,

and DBPAC in Diamond Bar winning Third Place. 

In 2019, he attended Carnegie Halls for the International Music Talent Competition in 2019 and won First Place. 

During his free time, he loves playing basketball which makes him really competitive. 

He also loves hanging out with his friends.


 Fengqi Qiu

Qiu Fengqi, 14 years old now, began to learn the piano at the age of 4 and a half. She was once a student of Ms. Zhang Ying and Mr. Tan Xiao in Wuhan Conservatory Of Music. Since 2018, she has been learning piano from Professor Zhong Ting in the Piano Department of Secondary Professional Music School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and passed the entrance examination at the same Secondary Professional Music School in 2019.   


Her Awards: 

First Prize Winner in Piano Solo Section of Group C for Primary School Students in “Changjiang Cup” Piano Competition in 2016 and 2017; 

Third Place Winner in the Amateur Group Three in Hubei Division in Pearl River·Kayserburg International Youth Piano Competition in 2017; 

Third Place Winner of Grand Award in Group B for Children in National Final of Shanghai Youth Piano Competition in 2017; 

Second Prize Winner in Group A for Youth in Hubei Division in “Golden Sunflower Cup” National Children's Piano Competition in 2018; 

First Prize Winner in Shanghai Division in Singapore International Piano Competition in 2020. 


June Mei Ling Zhou 

 JuneMeiLing Zhou, 14 years old, Shenzhen Basis International School choir member and piano accompanist. She is a rising star under the guidance of Lingbing Zhu. Recently, she won first prize in 1st International Online Competition Sergei Rachmaninoff. She also won the Laureate of first prize in International Music Competition “Salzburg” Grand Prize Virtuoso and invited to perform at Salzburg Mozart Concert Hall. She has capture the jury with beautiful tone and good musicality. Notable prizes she received include First Prize in the 4th Asia-Pacific Young Artist International Instrumental Music Championship; First Prize in Hong Kong-Asia Piano Open Competition;

Laureate First Prize in Pre-selection of the 27th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth in China;Second Place in National Finals, China; First Prize in Tchaikovsky Art Award Asia Piano Open Competition 2021; First Prize in the 8th GOCAA Piano Competition (Preliminary); Laureate of the first Prize and in International Music Moscow Competition and Laureate 1st and First Prize in International competition for music and arts Gold de Stadt Graz etc.

She participated in “Chinese Youth Music Talents” piano masterclass in Conservatorio Cesare Pollini di PADOVA and Harbin International Music Festival Masterclass. She has performed in over 70 concerts, including “Swan City Piano Concert” in Harbin Hall, Shenzhen Afternoon Music Time Concerts etc. As a piano soloist and accompanist, she has cooperated with Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra-Youth Orchestra, Youth Choir and ballet &musical theater production, such as, “Don Quixote”, “The Nutcracker”, “Swan Lake”, “Lion King”, and “The Sound of Music “.


DORIS li.jpg

Wan Tong Li

LI, WAN TONG (DORIS) started piano lessons at the age of five and a half, violin at the age of ten, and ballet at the age of three. She is a scholar who loves music. She has been studying piano for almost ten years and has won numerous awards. She has also been involved in various charity fundraising concerts throughout the year, she has touched the hearts of many with her music. She won first prize at the GOCAA Global Finals in 2018; 2019 was awarded the 2019 Steinway Young Artist Exemplary Award; 2018-2019 won the OYMI International Outstanding Junior Musicians Festival Outstanding Instructor for two consecutive years. 2020-2021 participated in the Steinway Cup Challenge and qualified for the advancement competition; She opened her first online Non-profit concert in July 14, 2021.


Jingwan Huang 

studying at Hubei University of Arts