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Result Announcement 

New York In-Person Final Round 

  1. Congratulations on your chance to perform at Carnegie Hall on 2024  July. We will email you the details of participation.( Quota 30, Apply  between  Sep 1- Oct 1

  2. You will be eligible to apply for joining the GOCAA Junior Performer Membership and receive GOCAA membership certificate

  3. Regarding the campaign for signing young performers, all contestants in the professional group( piano/string) need to prepare for the Mozart Concerto Finals held in Los Angeles in December, and finally compete for the award for signing young performers 

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Congratulation !
All GOCAA Winners


GOCAA Finalist 
OPERA America’s National Opera Center

 GOCAA Judge Team


Concert at Carnegie Hall featuring the 2022 Winners

Global Outstanding Chinese Artist Award 2023
WenTing Yu / JingCi Liu

Carnegie Hall
2023 GOCAA Finals Award Ceremony