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GOCAA-Amateur Division  (Piano) 

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​GOCAA Jury  Team


LIN LIU (Loa Angeles)

Liu Lin is a member of The Global Outstanding Chinese Artists Association. The 7th GOCAA International Piano Competition San Francisco Preliminary District Judge. Member of the  Music Teachers National Association. Member of the Music Teachers’ Association of California. Member of the California Association of Professional Music Teachers, and an expert of ABRSM International Piano Evaluation.


 Liu Lin was born in Liaoning, China. She started her piano studies when she was 4 years old. After that,she met her most influential piano teacher Yijian, and successively followed Associate Professor Zhao Lanfu from Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Russian piano educators Rima Saraulova and Galina Volodina, the famous American pianist Natasha. Kartashova who continues to improve Liu Lin’s piano playing skills.


 In Shenyang, China, Liu Lin was fortunate to be a student and received the guidance of Mr. Liu Ning, a well-known pianist and a famous Chinese piano educator. She followed Mr. Liu to learn piano teaching skills for 4 years, and continued to improve her rigorous teaching system. In Shenyang, Liu Lin was widely liked by parents for her excellent teaching methods and serious teaching attitude.  She was awarded the title of "Piano Instructor" at the age 25.  Her students passed the China Central Conservatory of Music's national grading exam with "excellent results", and successively won prizes in China's "Beilei Cup", "Cardansa Cup" and "Xinghai Cup" piano competitions.


Since coming to the United States, Liu Lin has been absorbing the essence of the Chinese and American music education systems, integrating two different cultural backgrounds and different aspects of music performance again and again, and constantly polishing her own teaching methods. Since 2012, many students have participated in and won first prize in the competitions such as the IMOLA International Piano Competition in Italy, the America Protege International Piano Competition in the United States, the Muse International Piano Competition in the United States, the WPTA Finland International Piano Competition, the Music Talent International Piano Competition in the United States, the Global Outstanding Young Performer Piano Competition, and the AADGT in the United States. 

During her 17 years as an active educator, she has cultivated a large number of outstanding piano students, with a 100% passing rate in piano grades.  Many students have been invited to perform at the California Teachers' Annual Convention and dozens of students have been invited to perform at the world famous Carnegie Hall in New York, USA .  In 2018, the world famous pianist Richard Clayderman's World Piano Tour in Los Angeles, 4 students were invited to play with Richard Clayderman as young pianists.

Results: Congratulation to all First Prize Winners, you qualify for the final round of the competition. 

Second prize winners are placed on the waiting list. (If you want to apply for the finale, please email:, if a first prize winner is unable to compete, you will be placed in the final.)

we will divide the age group for the Amateur group 

Final Application Deadline: July 1For the final, suggest you play one any  style of music ( Total performance within 5 min)

You can also choose to compete online, or ln-preson in San Fransisco 


finals arrangements will be announced on the website as soon as possible!

Prizes and awards :Jury Team will choose Gold ,Silver ,Bronze Awards on finalist (one of each or tied)

win :  1 Carnegie Hall Performance Opportunities on 2023 July,              Including U.S./Canada/China Performance opportunities       

 2 Gold ,Silver ,Bronze Trophy            

3 US - San Mateo City Mayor Certificate of Honor ( Only In-Person finalist)

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