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GOCAA-Children Division C (Piano) 

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Fafan Xiao (Canada- Vancouver )

Ms. Fafan Xiao, MMus., BMus, was a pre-college piano instructor at a University in China. She has been engaging the 1st Steinway Select Studio in BC since 2006. She has been adjudicated in  GOCAA International Music Competition in Berklee College of Music, Shenzhen International Piano Competition, CMTAC International Piano Competition etc. She has 15 Students who achieved the first 3 Places in Canadian Music Competition for 9 consecutive years and 36 Students who achieved the first 3 places in International Competitions. CBC, Global, BBC, Ellen Show and so on media have interviewed or reported Ms. Xiao and her students.

Results: Congratulation to all First Prize Winners, you qualify for the final round of the competition. 

Second prize winners are placed on the waiting list. (If you want to apply for the finale, please email:, if a first prize winner is unable to compete, you will be placed in the final.)

Final Application Deadline: July 1For the final, suggest you play 2 or 3 different style of music ( Total performance within 10 min)

 You can also choose to compete online, or ln-preson in San Fransisco

finals arrangements will be announced on the website as soon as possible!

Prizes and awards :

Jury Team will choose Gold ,Silver ,Bronze Awards on finalist (one of each or tied)

win :  1 Carnegie Hall Performance Opportunities on 2023 July,          

             Including U.S./Canada/China Performance opportunities         

             2 Gold ,Silver ,Bronze Trophy            

            3 US - San Mateo City Mayor Certificate of Honor ( Only In-Person finalist)

​GOCAA Jury  Team

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