Final Round Schedule

Hosting:    Global Outstanding Chinese Artists Association (GOCAA)

Hosting:    Global Outstanding Chinese Artists Association (GOCAA)

Supporting:   Alink-Argerich Foundation

                         KNS Classical

                         Sino TV


2021 U.S. final contestants are from many countries, including China, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and more.

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GOCAA Online International Music Festival & Global Final (U.S.)

Schedule is based on EST Time (Eastern time), please convert the time in your region and register for the meetings one week in advance on When registration is completed, you will receive an email with Zoom link. Please attend meetings on time. We know that it might be midnight in some region, we hope you can overcome obstacles and participate in the event!


August 23

GOCAA Online International Music Festival & Global Final (U.S.) Opening Ceremony

       USA  EST Time 9:00 Pm - 10:00 Pm

All contestants are requested to attend on time.

Participation method: Zoom meeting

Register for the meeting through the link below at least one day prior to the meeting. Use your zoom account to register for the meeting. You can apply for a zoom account and download Zoom App for free.


Meeting Agenda:

1. Introduce competition procedure and schedule.

2. Introduce prize criteria.

3. Introduce Zoom functions and how to interact as a participant.

4. Introduce jury members.

5. Introduce GOCAA cooperative agencies, labels and media.


August 24

Youth Division First Round Score Announcement

Jury members will choose contestants that are shortlisted to the final round, announce second and third prize winners of GOCAA Final competition Youth Division and Facebook, YouTube Youth Division.

First prize winners are qualified for Youth Pianists Contract campaign (August 28).

Meeting registration Link:

Time: August 24 Pm 9:00 USA EST Time 


Group NameGroup No.Contestant Name

Youth Division2   Audrey Liu

Youth Division2.  Chang Li

Youth Division2.   Jingci Liu

Youth Division2.  Wenting Yu

Youth Division2.  Juecui Zhang

Youth Division2.  张忠明 (Zhongming Zhang)

Youth Division2.  曾庆鹏 (Qingpeng Zeng)

Youth Division2.  陈安多 (Anduo Chen)

Youth Division2.  黄越元 (Yueyuan Huang)

Youth Division2.  刘熹 (Xi Liu)

Youth Division2.  史唯祎 (Weiyi Shi)

Youth Division2.  梁茜竹 (Xizhu Liang)

Youth Division2.  王远 (Yuan Wang)

Youth Division2.  田海月 (Haiyue Tian)

Youth Division2.  苏子祺 (Ziqi Su)

Youth Division2.  金若曦 (Ruoxi Jin)



August 25

Competition of Piano Children Division ABC, Junior Division D and Amateur Categories 

Submitted performance videos will be played, jury will grade each performance and the audience will vote for the most popular performance.

Jury members: 

    Matthew Odell (USA)

    Andreas Stier (Germany)

    Fangfang Pan (China)


        Children Division A (10:00 am - 12:00 am EST Time)
        Children Division B,C (12:00 am - 1:30 pm EST Time)

        Junior Division D (1:30 pm - 4:30 pm EST Time)

        Amateur Categories (4:30 pm- 6:00 pm EST Time)


Meeting registration Link:


Group NameGroup No.Contestant Name

Children Division A7     Yidi Ding (丁一迪)

Children Division A7.    Daniella Jin

Children Division A7.    Derek Chen

Children Division A7.     Xiaochen (Shawn) Chen

Children Division A7.     Jeffery Chen

Children Division A7.    Marcus Yi

Children Division A7.     Sally Gu

Children Division A7.     Christina Yifei Wang

Children Division A7.      Justin Ho

Children Division A7.      Charlotte Florence Deng

Children Division A7.       张铁严 (Tieyan Zhang)

Children Division A7.      罗思语 (Xiyu Luo)

Children Division B8.      Justin Jiang

Children Division B8.      King Yang

Children Division B8.      Jayden Chen

Children Division B8.      Felix Suo

Children Division B8.      Kimi Wang

Children Division B8.     Travis Genpeng Li

Children Division B8.      郝修恒 (Xiuheng Hao)

Children Division B8.     刘皓宇 (Haoyu Liu)

Children Division C9.      Donald Li

Junior Division D6.          Angelina Garabetian

Junior Division D6.          Lucas Chen

Junior DIvision D6.          Mason Gu

Junior Division D6.          Ariel Liu

Junior Division D6.          Justin Chen

Junior Division D6.          Declan Yeung

Junior Division D6.          Curtis Yuqiao Wei

Junior DIvision D6.         Ho Ting Alexander Chan

Junior Division D6.         達明澤 (DA MING CHAK)

Junior Division D6.         王芊茨 (Nora Wang)

Junior DIvision D6.         Alexander Liu

Junior DIvision D6.         Iris Jiang

Haydn Category11.        Dave Zheng

Mozart Category12.       杨雅然 (Yaran Yang)

Beethoven Category13. 周千惠 (Qianhui Zhou)

Chopin Category15.       于竞杰 (Jingjie Yu)

Chopin Category15.       June Meiling Zhou

Chopin Category15.      李予涵 (Yuhan Li)

Debussy Category18.     Selena Y. Zhang

Tchaikovsky Category20.           Jarvis Zheng

Tchaikovsky Category20.            Maggie Mai

ABRSM Grade 3 Category24.    黎城睿 (Chengrui Li)

ABRSM Grade 4 Category25.     董伟博 (Weibo Dong)

ABRSM Grade 6 Category27.     曾业恒 (Yeheng Zeng)

ABRSM Grade 8 Category29.     李维宣 (Weixuan Li)

ABRSM Grade 8 Category29.     李维宁 (Weining Li)

Beginner Category30.                 潘翊星 (Yixing Pan)

Czerny Op. 849 Category31.      潘翊辰 (Yichen Pan)

Burgmüller Category33.             冯语涵 (Yuhan Feng)

Sonatina Category34.                  王诗琪 (Shiqi Wang)

Two-Part Invention Category35.       王艺霖 (Yilin Wang)

Chinese Composition Category37.     Darren Wang

Chinese Composition Category37.     凌展杰 (Zhanjie Ling)

Free Choice Category38.             Corrina McNevin

Free Choice Category38.            Elaine Liu

Free Choice Category38.            Olivia Zheng

Free Choice Category38.             Yilin Wang

Free Choice Category38.             Yuanze Li

Free Choice Category38.             魏楚桐 (Chutong Wei)

Composition Category39.           刘成睿 (Chengrui Liu)

Piano Four-hands Category41.  黄子闻 (Ziwen Huang)

Piano Four-hands Category41.  黄子齐 (Ziqi Huang)



August 26

String and Vocal Competition

Submitted performance videos will be played, jury will grade each performance and the audience will vote for the most popular performance.

        String and Vocal competition (9:00 pm USA EST Time)


Meeting registration link:


Group NameGroup No.Contestant Name

Junior Division C5  胡梓琪 (Ziqi Hu)

Junior Division C5. Ashley Cai

Junior Division C5. Gabrielle Kejun Liu

Junior Division D6. 吴易阶 (Yijie Wu)

Junior Division D6  李邹睿宸 (Ruichen Lizou)

Junior Division D6  左恩同 (Entong Zuo)

Junior Division D6  吉珈娴 (Lucy Ji)

Junior Division D6  卢炫诚 (Xuancheng Lu)

Children Division A7  张竣翕 (Junxi Zhang)

Children Division A7  周清然 (Qingran Zhou)

Children Division A7  龚歆然 (Xinran Gong)

Children Division A7  Junci Zhao



August 27

Competition of Piano Junior Division A-C

Submitted performance videos will be played, jury will grade each performance and the audience will vote for the most popular performance.

Jury members:

    Ignat Solzhenitsyn (USA)

    Mika Sasaki (USA/Japan)

    Fangfang Pan (China)


        Junior Division A (10:00 Am - 12:00 Am EST Time)

        Junior Division B (12:00 Pm - 3:00 Pm EST Time)
        Junior Division C (3:00 Pm - 5:00 Pm EST Time)


Meeting registration link:


Group   NameGroup No.Contestant Name

Junior Division A3  张恒瑞 (Hengrui Zhang)

Junior Division A3. Boyu Guo

Junior Division A3. Xihang Tian

Junior Division A3. Gabriel Wu

Junior Division A3. 童焱 (Yan Tong)

Junior Division B4  Yixi Kuang

Junior Division B4. Meiyi He

Junior Division B4  Pinn Mahasaranond

Junior Division B4  Wan Tong Li

Junior Division B4  Paul Wang

Junior Division B4. Jie Liang

Junior Division B4. 裘丰齐 (Fengqi Qiu)

Junior Division B4  June Meiling Zhou

Junior Division B4. 盖铭爱 (Ming'ai Gai)

Junior Division B4. 武暄翔 (Xuanxiang Wu)

Junior Division B4  黄婧琬 (Jingwan Huang)

Junior Division C5. Mike Chen

Junior Division C5  Jessica Jung

Junior Division C5. Lukas Kan

Junior Division C5. 金子涵 (Zihan Jin)

Junior Division C5  徐逸朗 (Yilang Xu)

Junior Division C5. 熊宇皓 (Yuhao Xiong)

Junior Division C5  Adrian Chan



August 28

Final round of Concerto Division and Youth Division

First prize winners will run for Youth Pianist Contract Award

Jury members:

    Ignat Solzhenitsyn (USA)

    Matthew Odell (USA)


    Concerto Division(10:00 am - 11:00 am EST Time)
    Youth Division Final Round & Youth Pianist Contract Award (11:30 am - 5:00 pm EST Time)


Meeting registration link:


Group NameGroup No.Contestant Name

Concerto Division1. Ariel Liu

Concerto Division1. 裘丰齐 (Fengqi Qiu) April 2022

Concerto Division1. 王芊茨 (Nora Wang)

Concerto Division1. 盖铭爱 (Ming'ai Gai)

Concerto Division1. 罗思语 (Siyu Luo)

Concerto Division1  金子涵 (Zihan Jin) April 2022

Concerto Division1  梁茜竹 (Xizhu Liang) April 2022

Concerto Division1. 武暄翔 (Xuanxiang Wu) April 2022

Concerto Division1. Marcus Yi

Concerto Division1  Paul Wang

  (Some Concerto Division contestants will be graded in April 2022)



August 29

Jury member master class:  Ignat Solzhenitsyn

Please reserve and pay for master class before August 15 through email to

        Starts from 10:00 am EST Time


Global Final (U.S.) Score Announcement & Award Ceremony

        9:00 pm EST Time

Meeting registration link:

Grades will be published on in a week. Contestants from China can also check out on GOCAA Official account.

Youth/Junior Pianist Contract winners performance videos will be arranged to stream on Facebook and YouTube.

On-site Award Ceremony will be held in San Francisco Conservatory of Music Concert Hall in August 2022. Prize winners will get honor musician certificate issued by the mayor.

More details regarding 2022 concert tour will be emailed to every prize winner depending on the COVID-19 pandemic.



                                                                                                                                                           Prize Criteria    

Youth Artist Contract Award   (Voted by the Jury)

Jury will select First, Second and Third Prize winners in the first round.

First Prize winners will run and be graded for Youth Artist Contract Award in the final round. The first six nominees win Youth Artist Contract Award.

Award: U.S./China/Canada concert tour, KNS Classical and Chinese Label CD publishment, U.S. media publicity and $1000 USD evenly distributed to all winners.


Junior Artist Contract Award   (Voted by the Jury)

Award: U.S./China/Canada concert tour, KNS Classical and Chinese Label CD publishment, U.S. media publicity.


Grading Criteria:

Youth/Junior Artist Contract Award:90 and above

First Prize             85 and above

Second Prize        80-84.99

Third Prize           75-79.99

Excellence Prize   70-74.99