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 GOCAA Young Artist Award 2023

2023 GOCAA签约少年演奏家年度大奖得主 公布


Piano :

Shan Liu (New Zealand )

 安烨 Ye An ( China )

郝致唯 ZhiWei Hao ( China)

Zikai Andy Wang ( Canada) 

Camilla Choi (Australia) 

Curtis Wei ( Canada)

Violin :

Emily Hua (Canada)

SelenaYu (Canada)

Emma Fang (Canada)

Annie Fang (Canada)

Cello :

Yolanda Zhang (Canada)

Iris Zhu (Canada)

Tristen Liu (USA )

Previous Best Talent Award  Upgraded GOCAA Young Artist Award 

SenCheng Zhang

For the (GOCAA Young Artist Award) Young Performer Award, you need to register for both the professional group and the concerto group to be eligible for the Young Contracted Performer Award of the Year.




Regarding the annual contracted professional young performer award, candidates must have obtained a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or a doctoral degree from a professional music school.


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