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Result Announcement 

New York In-Person Final Round 

  1. Congratulations on winning your performance opportunity at Carnegie Hall on July 2024.

  2. We will email further details about the Carnegie Hall performance application soon. We will be accepting only about 30 musicians, please be prepared to apply for the Carnegie performance application between  Sep 1- Oct 1, 2023.

  3. You will be eligible to apply for joining the GOCAA Junior Performer Membership and receive a GOCAA membership certificate.

  4. Regarding the Young Performers signing award: it is only eligible for all contestants in the professional group(piano/string). Please be prepared for the Concerto Finals held in Los Angeles in December 2023 and compete for the signing young performers awards.

  5. ​Strings concerto can choose any piece 


Congratulation to all GOCAA Winners!


 2023 GOCAA International Strings Competition  (Boston)

Boston Conservatory at Berklee


2023 finals Award Ceremony

& Result Announcement

 2023 GOCAA Boston  Finals Judge Team

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2023 Boston International Music  Competition

Master Class 

Boston Conservatory at Berklee