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The Global Outstanding Chinese Artist Association 

"I am Fangfang Pan -the Global Outstanding Chinese Artist Association Chairman, Thank you for Join GOCAA MUSIC family . This year so difficult for all musician , we lose stage ! We can’t play live concert , we don’t know how about our future . But we also lucky , because music with us together . Now let me for thank you for GOCAA Judges : Ignat Solzhenitsyn , Matthew Odell , Mika Sasaki , Andress Stier , Matthew Linaman , lorenz Gamma. Utar Artun , Carrie Cheron .

Thank you for all GOCAA Contestant so work hard for prepare online competition, Because I know a lot work for recording . Need many time to record and chose best one . Thank you for your parents support you . Thank you for your make the world better on epidemic time , Your let us enjoy Classical music , and I can feeling your also very enjoy to play . In my heart , I feel all contestant is NO 1 , Excellent player !"

                                                                                                          --GOCAA Chairman :Fangfang Pan

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