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The Global Outstanding Chinese Artists Association (GOCAA)


2022 San Francisco International Music Festival & In-preson Final Round 



August 14:   online  final     (No1 concerto Division/ Compose Division

                                                    /Results announcement)

August 15:   online  final     (No2 :Youth Division /Results announcement)

August 16:   online  final     ( No3-No10/Results announcement)

August 17:   online final     ( No11-No12 : Strings/ vocal / Orchestral /ensemble/

                                                     Results announcement)

we will send zoom link to online finalist Email on August 1  , you will be know accurate  time

August 18 GOCAA International Music Festival Open 

                    Chamber Training Course Tuition: $1500

                    (Including 2 rehearsals with professional chamber musicians, Chamber orchestra Quintet and 1 official performance) 

Chamber Music Camp student List :

Yixuan Ou(Nina)Beethoven,Menuetto aus dem Septette Op. 20

Derek Chen  :The Swan

Alan Luo : For Elise

Wanyang Zhou: Spring

Elysia Huang: Schubert Walzer Op. 9

James wu :vivaldi- spring

10:00AM-12:00 PM GOCAA Chamber Music Training Camp

          Competitors are welcome to voluntarily sign up for the GOCAA chamber music training camp. We will invite chamber music instructors from the San Francisco Conservatory of music to practice chamber music works with the registered participants, so that the participants can experience the joy of cooperating with others, learn to listen to the cooperation of other instruments, and cooperate with other professional chamber music players. Chamber music works will be distributed to students to practice in advance after successful registration.

Specially invited GOCAA chamber music professional musicians' chamber music group members: 

  • Pm2:00-6:00 PM GOCAA Jury Master Class

  • One-on-One Master Class with Judges Course: USD 300

August 19: 

Am 10:00-12:00 PM GOCAA Chamber Music Training Camp 

2:00Pm-4 :00Pm   

San Francisco International Music Competition, In person Global Finals

 (Professional Division 2 -9)

 4:00Pm -6:00Pm GOCAA Jury Master Class

August 20: GOCAA San Francisco International Music Competition, in person Global Finals 

10:00Am-12:00 PM(Amateur Division )


2:00 Pm Finals Awards Ceremony/Results announcement)/Chamber Music camp student Concert


GOCAA Camber Musician Team 

2022Tutors of Chamber Music Training Camp.jpg

GOCAA -Chairman

总决赛评委介绍——Fangfang Pan0731.jpg

SF In-Person Judge  Team 

总决赛评委介绍——Sharon Mann0731.jpg
总决赛评委介绍——Amy Zannrosso0731.jpg
总决赛评委介绍——Dean Anderson.jpg

final Address :225 Tilton Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

GOCAA International concerto Festival 2022 


Time : 2022/12/10---12/11

Conductor :Dean Anderson 

Collaborative Orchestra :Los Angeles  Symphony Irvine

12/10 : Rehears 2 Time with Orchestra

12/11 :GOCAA concerto concert & Concerto Final

announced : Gold ,Sliver ,Bronze Medal 

Location:La Sierra University, 4500 Riverwalk Parkway, Riverside, CA 92505


GOCAA Annual Ceremony of Outstanding Young Musicians 2023

Location: Carnagie Hall , New York , USA

Time :July 8 , 2023 

All finalists will receive an invitation letter 


GOCAA Judge Team


GOCAA Jury Team will be vote for the Gold , Sliver and Bronze awards in each Group. 

Online finalist / In-preson will be independently vote , and their respective Gold , Sliver and Bronze Awards be awarded

GOCAA Jury Team  will select the GOCAA Contract Young Artist Award of the 2022 from the Gold Award winners 

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