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ZeKai Liu

amazing graceZhekai Liu 刘泽锴
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Zekai Liu held his first piano recital at the age of 9, and he had since then frequently performed in Europe, Asia, and North America in the past decade. He has performed with multiple orchestras including the German Broadcasting Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Zhejiang Philharmonic Orchestra, and Hunan Philharmonic Orchestra. Zekai Liu started studying composition in 2016. He has composed various genres of music including solo works, chamber music, film music, and orchestral music. He won the 2011 Seattle International Piano Festival, the Asia International Music Composition Competition in 2019 and San Francisco New Concept Film Festival Music Composition in 2017. He has performed his composition in more than 20 revenues with orchestras. Zekai was admitted into Eastman School of Music majoring in Piano Performance and he studies in Prof. Marina Lomazov’s studio. He also started majoring in Music Theory in 2021.

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Tuo Li

Tuo Li-Road of SuccessTuo Li
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Tuo Li is a young and positive composer from China who moved to LA in 2018. He was regarded as the Epic King for his massive symphonic compositions. He is also known for his super immersive melodies. He loves fantasy stories and enjoys creating them, which has helped him develop his own unique style. He is a true artist who dares to take on all challenges. He has great creativity in art and enjoys various sorts of production.


Kuang Hui Yu

邝惠予作品HuiYu Kuang 邝惠予
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Kuang Hui Yu

School: Composition Department of Xinghai Music High School

Award: No.1Excellent work award of the 6th National Composition Competition (Invitational Competition) of "Harvesting in Spring Dawn". 

2021-2022 Canada Hongfeng International Composition Competition (15-16 years old) Senior Group Special Prize


Yang Xie

The store of ghostdomYang Xie
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My name is Yang Xie. I was born in a small coastal city in south China. I began to play the violin for church services about the age of four with my families, that means that the music became a tool for discovering the world when I was little.

In the past few years, I struggled with some mental illnesses, so I swapped the performance to composition at the time of self-possessed as the treatment besides the psychological rehabilitation. As an contemporary composer, I feel that behind the ecstasy is a raft that drifting over the endless ocean of “unfalsifiability”.

I need to communicate with others so as not to be alone in the journey of life. I will appreciate whom it may share the precious moment with me.

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