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         Finalist - Children  Division B (6-8 age)

Jury Team


Carson Chen      Canada -Toronto

Online Finalist

Carson Chen, 7-year-old, with strong interests in music since little, started learning piano at the age of 5 with Dr. Olga Chichova. He loves a wide variety of music: Classic, Jazz, and Pop, and enjoys composing his little pieces as well. Carson has won numerous awards in international competitions and local music festivals. As his debut in summer 2020, Carson was named Best of Class Piano L3 in OMFA’s Provincial Final. In 2021, he won Gold Star at the Music and Stars Award International Competition, and Gold at Steinway’s Piano Competition. Most recently in the summer of 2022, he won 2nd place Piano Age 7 group in Canadian Music Competition (most well-known Canadian National Competition). Carson is also an award winner of Steinway Cup, and Steinway’s Canadian Young Artist Standards of Excellence Awards. Apart from music, Carson also enjoys playing hockey, skiing and biking with his little brother. 

Hannah Porfile 6yr.jpeg

Hannah Liu         Canada -Vancouver 

In-Person Finalist 

Hannah Liu is 6 years old. She was born in Vancouver and started learning piano at age of 5. During her first year of learning piano, she won the second place at 2021 Little Mozart International Competition and was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall. She has also won a 4th place at 2021 Steinway Competition. 


Hannah has also received the Principal Reward and Leadership Award for Grade 1. She enjoys playing piano, drawing, reading, hiking and skiing. 

Sihan Hua.jpg

Hua Sihan       China  Shang Hai 

Online Finalist 

Hua Sihan,7 years old. He began his piano learning at the age of 4.He is very hard and self-disciplined since learning the piano.He has won the gold medal of the primary school group A of the 2022 Shanghai Pudong New Area Primary and Secondary School Students Art Single Competition,the first prize of the 14th Shanghai International Youth Piano Competition (Shanghai Division)Selection Competition of 2021, the first prize of the children's group A of the non-professional college group, the second prize of the Children's Group of the Allianz Cup Future Star Charity Piano Competition, and the 2021 "Pearl River Cesar Fort" International Youth Piano Competition Shanghai Division (Rematch) Third prize in the amateur group.In addition to the piano, he enjoys reading and writing, sketching out his own whimsy with the tip of his pen.

Picture - Travis Genpeng Li.jpg

Travis Genpeng  Li

Online Finalist

Travis Li, was born on June 12, 2015 and I started my journey of piano learning with my teacher Xiao, Fafan in Vancouver since I was four years and eight months old. Since then, I have joined many charity music concerts such as 4th annual charity piano concert for Lions Gate Hospital, 2022 Spirit of Giving Fundraising Charity Concert, UNICEF Sharing and Giving Global Charity Concert, etc., and I am more than happy to help more people in need through my piano playing in future. I have also won many awards from international piano competitions during the past two years, including:

  • -  Overall Award in the 2020& 2021 Steinway Piano Competition Vancouver Division, and was awarded one-on-one master classes with Gary Graffman as a highest reward

  • -  Gold star from the 2020 & 2021 Music & Star International Piano competition

  • -  First prize in the French VIVACE International Piano Competition

  • -  Grand Prize in overall performance in the 2021 Northern Lights Piano Competition

  • -  First prize in the 8th GOCAA International Piano Competition

  • -  Bronze medal in the 2021 Vancouver International Music Competition

  • -  Judge’s Distinction Award & First Place Winner of the American Protégé International

    Music Talent Competition 2021 & 2022, and was invited to perform in the Carnegie Hall

  • -  2021 Canadian Young Artist Standards of Excellence Awards Winner

  • -  First Prize in the 2022 American AADGT International Young Musicians Competition and

    was invited to perform in the Carnegie Hall

  • -  First prize in the 2022 American Little Mozart International Piano Competition, and was

    invited to perform in the Carnegie Hall

  • -  First prize in the 2022 IPPA Conero International Piano Competition Canada Division

    I am now studying at Meadowridge School for Grade 1, and my favorite subjects are French, math and science. Besides playing piano, I like playing tennis, soccer, guitar and working on my Lego robotics programming. I am very happy to see myself been making a great progress on my piano playing. Hope you will enjoy my performance.

Photo of Xinyang Liu2.jpg

Xin Yang Liu

Online Finalist


Name:Xinyang Liu

性别:女  Gender:Female

艺术经历Artistic Experience:

钢琴 Piano

  1. 2022年GOCAA旧金山国际音乐比赛专业儿童B组(钢琴)初赛一等奖

The 9th San Francisco GOCAA International Music Competition

First Price of Children Division B of Preliminary



The 5th SAE National Youth Piano Competition and Bonn International Piano Competition

Silver Award of Group B1 of Finals of China



2021 Shanghai Piano Open Competition

Winner’s Prize of Enlightenment Textbook Group of Finals


指导教师:马文静 小音符钢琴俱乐部  

My Teacher: Wenjing Ma from Little Note Piano Club

Tashi Mou_profile photo.jpg

​Tashi Mou      Canada Vancouver 

In-Person Finaist

Tashi Mou, 7 year-old, was born in Vancouver, Canada, he started learning piano performance with professor Wei Tu  at age of 5. He has won some awards in the past two years, including 1st  place at the 5th OYMI Outstanding Young Musicians International Music Festival 2022 (canada); 2nd place at Crescendo International Music Competitions -  Little Mozart International Music Competition 2021 (vancouver -Region), Best Romantic Performance and Silver Award at Steinway Competition 2020 (vancouver, Canada). 


Tashi enjoys singing, swimming, golfing and reading besides piano performance. His enthusiasm towards classical music is his driving force which will lead him through his piano study. }


Yilin Wang.jpg

Yilin Wang

In-person Finalist

Yilin Wang is in Kindergarten now,he developed an interest in music when he was 4 years old.

So he started to learn piano. Although he was only 4 years old, he works so hard.

He is willing to spend a lot of time to practice every day until he can achieve the best completion.

In 2021, Yilin Wang participated in the World Teacher National Association and he won the Bronze Award in Group A.

At the same time, he got 2nd place in the GOCCA preliminaries and successfully got the 3rd place in the final. In 2022,he passed the CM2 level exam with all excellent grades.

Yilin Wang keeps growing in the process of experience.He wants use his fingers speak on the piano and express the colorful world with music.

The way ahead is long, he will search high and low

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