Final Round - Children  Division B 

No. 8 Children Division B

      - Age under 8 (born after July 1st,2013)

      - Three pieces of contrasting styles.

      - The total duration should be at least 10   

        minutes, but no more than 15 minutes.

Final Round USA EST Time :Am12:00-Pm1:30 August 25

Jury Team

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Justin Jiang .jpg

Justin Jiang 

Justin Jiang is 6 years old this year. He loves music and sports.

When Justin was 4 years old, he held a solo piano concert at Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for charity, and CAD 5,000 raised from the concert was used to purchase medical supplies to help the frontline medical professionals in Wuhan Huoshen Mountain Hospital fight COVID-19.

Justin also won the Gold Award at 2020 Steinway Piano Competition. Also, he won the first prize of "Finger Fast Running Group" in the third Shenzhen Piano Teaching Exhibition and Performance Invitational

Competition 2020 and the First Place Award at the Celebrate Beethoven 250th Birthday GOCAA International Internet Piano Competition in 2020.

In 2021, Justin won 1st Place in the category of“7 years and under”at Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festivals.

King Yang .PNG

King Yang 

King Yang is seven years old. He started his piano journey at the age of five. He is hard working and has strong self- discipline. In 2021, he won a second prize in GOCAA International Piano Competition; he won an honorary mention prize from Canada International Youth Piano Festival. In 2020, he won the silver ward from Steinway Competition Vancouver; he also received Canadian Young Artist Standard Excellence Award. He was the second place winner in the Richmond Music Festival in 2019; at the same year he was the 1st place winner in the Western Canada Painting Competition. Throughout the years, he has actively participated in various music performances both national and international. He is strongly involved in charity concerts, as well as performing for elderlies. King loves to play soccer and basketball.

Jayden Chen.JPG

Jayden Chen

Jayden Chen, 7 years old, began studying piano at age 6, is currently a student of Fafan Xiao in Vancouver, Canada. Besides playing the piano, Jayden was a prize winner from numerous balanced bike competition in China. 


Felix Suo

Felix Suo

AMEB Certificate of Performance CMus in Piano (granted in 2020)



Main interest: Piano, Composing


International Competitions:

07/2021:  First Prize of SAE Chopin International Piano Competition for Young Artists, China

06/2021:  First Prize of International Music Competition Bonn and Salzburg Grand Prize Virtuoso, EU

06/2021:  Gold Prize of Liszt Ferenc International Youth Classic Music Piano Competition, China

02/2021: Judges’ Distinction Award Plaque Trophy Winner of American Protégé International Piano and String Competition, USA

02/20201: First Prize of American Protégé International Piano and String competition, USA

02/2021: Gold Prize of the Brilliant Talent Discovery Awards International Music Competition, Singapore 

01/2021: Gold Prize of London Young Musician Competition, UK 

01/2021: First Prize of Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition, USA

10/2020: First Prize of Melbourne International Piano and Strings Competition, Australia 

10/2020: Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize Winner and First Prize of Bonn International Music Competition Grand Prize Virtuoso, Germany

07/2020: First Prize of Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition, USA

07/2020: First Prize and Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize Winner of International Music Competition Salzburg Grand Prize Virtuoso, Austria 

06/2020 First Prize of Asia International Arts Competition, China



03/2021: my Instagram post Bach Fugue in A flat major from Well-Tempered Clavier book was shared by famous concert pianist Lang Lang in the event of CelebrateBach

10/2010: Performing Chopin-Fantasie-Impromptu at Pham’s concert to support Charity BCNA. 

08/2020: my Instagram post Bach Prelude A flat major from Well-Tempered Clavier book was shared by famous concert pianist Lang Lang in the event of LangLangFanVariations 

06/2020: Performing the Flight of the Bumblebee by Rachmaninoff-Rimsky Korsakov in the international event Make Music Day with AMEB



Violin, Figure skating, Ice-hockey, Snorkelling




Kimi Wang 

My name is Kimi. I am 6 years old. I am come from Canada, Toronto. I started piano at 5 years old. I like to play piano, read books, swimming, drawing and Math. I hope everyone like my music.

Photo - Travis Genpeng Li.jpg

Travis Genpeng  Li

I, Travis Li, was born on June 12, 2015. I started my journey of piano learning with a very famous piano teacher Xiao, Fafan in Vancouver since I was four years and eight months old. In the past year and four months, I have won many honors. In June 2020, when I was five years and four days old, I won the 2020 Steinway Piano Competition Vancouver Division Overall Award for the first time. In June of 2021, I won the overall award again, and I won the second chance meeting with Gary Graffman for a one-on-one master class as a highest reward. In October 2020, I was awarded the first place in the intensity class and third place in the special technique class of the Shenzhen Piano Teaching Exhibition Competition. In December of 2020, I won the Music & Star International Piano competition, a gold star selected from more than 3,000 contestants, and I won the gold star again in June this year. In February of 2021, I played the Chinese piece "Celebrate Freedom" on American Chinese TV celebrating the 2021 Chinese Spring Festival, and I won the 8th Global Outstanding Chinese Artists Association, the first prize of the Preliminary Contest of the International Piano TV Show, and I was also successfully selected to participate U.S. Global Outstanding Youth Piano Finals in July 2021. In May 2021, I won the first prize in the French VIVACE International Piano Competition, and I will participate in Paris for live performances next year. In June of 2021, I was awarded Grand Prix in the Northern Lights Piano Competition, first prize in the Clementi class and third prize in the Contemporary class.


Xiu heng Hao

Hao Xiuheng is six years old. He started to learn piano when he was four years old. He likes music and enjoys the stage. In spare time, he likes reading, watching exhibitions and sports. He took part in the competition for the first time when he was four and a half years old and won the gold medal in the five-year-old group of Beijing Piano Music Festival. Since then, he has participated in all kinds of competitions for many times, from which he has gained training and improvement and accumulated valuable experience.


The award-winning experience,

The outstanding winner of amateur children group in Beijing division of 2021 Hanover Gleseking International Piano Elite Invitational Competition;

Gold Award of European Music and Stars International Classical Music Competition in 2020;

The outstanding winner of the children group in the national final of BOYA Piano Art Festival in 2020;

Gold Award of Children Group in Beijing Division of 2020 Vienna Mozart International Piano Competition;

The first prize of Group A in the preliminary competition of Oxford International Piano Open in 2020;

The first prize in the Beijing division of the International Music Competition of St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music in 2020;

Second Prize of Children Group of the 18th Xinghai Cup National Piano Competition in Beijing in 2020;

The first prize of children group in the final of the 9th Macao Piano Invitational Competition in 2020;

In 2019, the first prize of children group B in the final of the 9th Steinway National Piano Competition in Beijing.


Haoyu Liu

To whom it may concern. My name is Liu Haoyu. I was born in Beijing on December 29, 2013. I have been learning piano since I was four and a half years old. Now I am living in Beijing under the tutorship of Liu Bingjie.

Stage experience and awards:

Won the first prize of Piano Etude Group 1. in the 2nd Chicago International Music Competition and Art Festival China Division in April 2019.

Won the first prize in the 7th GOCAA International Piano Competition (Beijing Region) Children Group C. in April 2019.

Selected as a little musician by Poly Wedo and performed a solo on the stage of Beijing Poly Theater in May 2019.

Won the second prize of professional group in the 7th Global Outstanding Young Performer China Finals in July 2019.

Won the third place in the 2nd Chicago International Music Festival in the United States in July 2019.

Invited to attend the awarding performance of the 2nd Chicago International Music Festival and performed piano solo in July 2019

Won the third prize in the 28th Pre-school International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth in China (Beijing) Open Group, Group 1, Group B in November 2019. 

Won the third prize in the 28th Fryderyk Chopin Youth Piano Competition in China in January 2020.

Performed a piano solo in "Master Date -- Poly Wedo New Year Concert" at Beijing Zhongshan Music Hall on January. 6, 2020.

Invited to attend the Piano Fairy Tale Concert "Swan Lake" in the Marine Art Center on January. 22, 2020.

Won the certificate of GOCAA International Piano Competition TV Show with the performance video included in the program "Global Classical Music Talk" of Chinese TV in the United States in July. 2020.

Won the first prize in the 8th Global Outstanding Young Performer TV Show Selection Contest in July. 2020.

Won the first prize of children group B in the 1st Tao Ranting Children's Piano Elite Selection Competition on October.1, 2020.

Won the Gold Medal of Children's Group A in the Magnus Royal Youth International Piano Competition (Beijing)