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         Finalist - Children  Division C (4-6 age)

    Jury Team 

Eric Yuxuan Hai1_edited.png

Eric Hai      Canada-Vancouver 

Eric Hai started learning piano with Ms. Fafan Xiao when he was 4.5 years old. He shows great passion in music and has won multiple awards in both national and international piano competitions,such as 1st place at Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festivals, Silver award from the 2022 IPPA Conero Canada, and 3rd place in 2021 Shenzhen Piano teaching demonstration competition, etc. Besides music, he loves swimming, making crafts and building lego.

Siyuan Pan photo2潘思元照片.JPG

SiYuan Pan ( China -Shang Hai)

First Prize in preliminary round in 2022 GOCCA International Piano Competition

2022 GOCAA旧金山国际音乐比赛-第九届全球杰出演奏家选拔赛 初赛一等奖

First Prize in China District in 2022 IPPA Conero International Piano Competition

2022 IPPA国际钢琴专业协会国际钢琴比赛 中国赛区 一等奖

First Prize Shanghai District in the 24th Santa Cecilia International Piano Competition 

第二十四届桑塔·塞西利亚国际钢琴比赛 上海赛区 一等奖

Golden Prize in Shanghai District 2022 Central Conservatory of Music National Youth Arts Exhibition and Festival

2022 “央音”全国青少年艺术展演 上海赛区 金奖

Second Prize in the preliminary round in the 3rd YAMAHA Piano Competition

第三届雅马哈钢琴比赛 初赛二等奖

Yutian Li,Children's group C,Photo (2)_edited.jpg

Yutian Li     China GuangDon




Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all! My name is Yutian Li, a warm and friendly 5-year-old boy. I am currently studying in Tung Wah Bilingual Art Kindergarten in Dongguan , Guangdong Province. I began to play the piano when I was four, being mentored by Professor Song Li and teacher Wei Cheng. I usually practice playing the piano for 4 hours daily, because I firmly believe that “no pains, no gains”. I have the courage to challenge and go beyond myself. I have participated in various music competitions and performances.


My rewards are listed as follow:


The first prize of Dongguan Division of Singapore International Piano Competition, 12/2021.


The gold medal in the National Finals of the Sixth Chinese Culture and Art Festival Chinese Dream Series Talent Competition, and the first prize in piano major, 1/2022.


The first prize of the 6th Hamburg International Piano Competition in Dongguan, 6/2022.


The first prize of the 16th China Excellent Art Talent Contest Guangdong Division., 6/2022.


The first prize of Dongguan Competition area of Xinghai Cup National Piano Competition, 6/2022.


The first prize of Professional Children's Group C in the preliminary competition of the 9th Global Outstanding Performers Selection Competition, 6/2022.


The first prize of Liszt Memorial Prize International Piano Competition - Dongguan Area of children's group D, 6/2022. 


That’s all! Thanks for your attention!

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