Final Round - Junior  Division D 

No. 6 Junior Division D

      - Age under 12 (born after July 1st, 2009)

      - Three pieces of contrasting styles.

      - The total duration should be at least 10

        minutes, but no more than 15 minutes.

Final Round USA EST Time :Pm1:30-Pm4:30 August 25

    Jury Team

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Angelina Garabetian

Angelina Garabetian was born in 2010 in Kitchener, Ontario Canada.  She began playing piano at the tender age of 5.  Attending the Beckett School of Music, under the tutelage of Dr. Rebekah Jordan-Miller, Angelina entered a world of music that opened her eyes to the possibilities of many great composers and repertoire.  At the age of 7, she composed her first contemporary piece entitled “Winds of November.”  She went on to compete and win at many local and provincial music festivals across Ontario.  Her passion for music resides deep within her soul and emulates in her expressive playing.  She is currently working on her first Concerto and continues to dabble in composition during her free time.  In addition to her affinity for music, Angelina has been dancing for 8 years and acting for 4 years.  Often referred to as a ‘creative at heart’, Angelina takes it all in stride, working hard and putting in the effort to succeed at her endeavours.

Lucas Chen (Final_ Canada_ Vancouver).jpg

Lucas Chen

Lucas Chen is currently 11 years old. He is from Los Angeles, California. He found his passion in Piano when he was 4 years old. He would sit in front of the piano and create a few bars of music.


He is now living in West Vancouver, Canada. He started re-learning the Piano at the end of 2019. Since Lucas is a quick learner, he was able to play RCM level 8 pieces such as Sonata in C Major By Mozart within a year. Recently he also completed the RCM Theory 8 exam and is now taking level 9 harmony lessons.


While learning the Piano, Lucas was also practicing RCM level 9 Cello! He enjoys playing it because of the beautiful sound it makes!


Lucas’s favorite composer is Mozart! He loves the fact that Mozart wrote his songs at a young age which is very sweet and enthusiastic just like Lucas’s personality.


Lucas is always looking forward to trying new things! During the lockdown, he would spend countless hours recording and practicing for concerts and competitions because he cherishes the opportunities to shine and bring delight to his audience!


Mason Gu

Mason Gu is an 11 year old boy living in Canada. He started playing piano at age of 5. He has had a lot of obstacles and victories in his piano journey, and is still yearning to learn more. Mason has completed a total of five Canadian RCM exams and numerous competitions, succeeding with flying colors. Currently, he is practicing Canadian level 9 RCM piano and he is excited about the international OMYI competition. He is hoping to learn from this great opportunity. 

Ariel Liu ( Canada ).jpeg

Ariel Liu

Ariel Liu is a Vancouver native and 11 years old Grade 5 elementary school student. She has been learning piano at age of 4 and a half years old and began learning violin at age of 7 years old. She first performed with orchestra in the concert “Blossoming Harmonies” when she was 7years old. She has been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York as a 2018 Crescendo International Music Competitions winner.


She has performed main concertos :

·Concerto No.20 in D minor K.466 by Mozart (10 years old)

·Concerto No.11 in D major, Hob. XVIII/11 by Haydn (8 years old)

·Concerto in C major by Haydn. (7 years old)


Her main achievements are as follow:

·1st place Concerto category and 1st place and scholarship Senior Graded Contemporary category at 2021 Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival (VKMF)

· Gold Award and Trophy Division III, 2020 Steinway Young Artist competition.

· Consul General of Poland Award, The Outstanding interpretation of a Chopin Work Award at 2020 The Chopin Avenue International Piano Competition.

·1st place Medallion and scholarship at 2020 KPU International Music Festival; Provincial Delegate Award Junior B Piano Class.

·Silver place 2020 Pearl River AMASON Piano International Competition.

·2nd place at 28th World Music Competition 2019 Canada Division(WMC)

·3rd place of 2019 Canadian Music Competition National Final (CMC).

·1st place 2018 Crescendo International Music Competitions winner.

·1st place concerto category at 2018 British Columbia Conservatory of Music Festival (BCCM)


Among Ariel’s other achievements are numerous award and scholarships from British Columbia Conservatory of Music Festival (BCCM), Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival (VKMF) and Richmond Music Festival.


Ariel also enjoys drawing, gymnastics, reading books and math. She won many awards in her hobbies like winning the city’s elementary school bookmark contest two years in a row, 3rd place in The Grand Prix of Art outdoor living painting competition. Ariel was invited to be an illustrator and co-author of a published book by AIM ( language learning) . She also got awards from BC Provincial rhythmic gymnastics competitions and international math contests.


Justin's official picture.JPG

Justin Chen

Justin began playing the piano at age six and began learning music composition at age seven. He won Gold Prize in Steinway Piano Competition 2021 & 2020. He won the First prize in Professional class and First prize in Composition class at 8th GOCAA International Piano Competition 2020. He won the First place and Best of Class Level 10 at 2020 OYMI Music Festival at age 10. He won the Gold Star at International Music and Stars Awards Piano group C at age 10. He won Kiwanis Club Kingsway Humber Award at age nine. He won the third place in the group age 8-10 in the Crescendo International Music Competition and was invited to play in Carnegie Hall New York at age eight. He was invited to perform his own composition at Canadian Junior Original Concert in Winnipeg at age eight. He won Canadian Music Trophy in CCC Music Festival at age nine. Justin won the 2nd prize in Donne in Music XVII  International Composition  Competition 2020, Kragujevac, Serbia at age ten.  

Justin was invited to perform his own composition for the Royal Princess Her Imperial Highness on Aug 25th, 2019 at the Royal Conservatory at age nine. 

Justin has participated in master classes with Prof. Elzbieta Wiedner-Zajaz in Vienna and Makoto Ozone the Japanese Composer. He was accepted by Royal Conservatory of Music Taylor Academy for young Artists. He currently studies with Prof. Li Wang. 

Declan Yeung.jpg

Declan Yeung 

Declan Yeung was born in Toronto, Ontario and is currently 10 years old. He was born with bilateral profound hearing loss and had Cochlear Implant surgery at 14 months. He started with group music lessons when he was 4 years old and showed great interest in piano. At 5 years old, he started private lessons and his skill is further enhanced under the guidance of Mrs. Claudia Lau at the age of 6. This year, he participated in several piano competitions and had received over 20 1st place and numerous scholarships and awards such as the Age Achievement Award, Best of Grade 8 and Intermediate Achievement Award.  He has also been recommended for the provincials by four different local festivals and had won 1st place in his group at the Provincial Finals. Recently, he also won the Gold Award at the 2021 Toronto Steinway Piano Competition and the Scholarship Award at the 4th Outstanding Youth Musicians International Music (OYMI) Festival.  Declan enjoys playing various repertoires from different eras of music, and his favorite composer is Chopin. At his leisure, he also enjoys singing, and has been taking musical theatre lessons at Harriet Chung Performing Arts since 2020. He enjoys every performance opportunity and is always happy to share the joy of music through piano and singing! It is his way of communicating love and passion. 


Curtis Yuqiao  Wei

Curtis Wei began piano lessons with me since the age of four and have continuously displayed extraordinary musical talent. He plays with great maturity, grace, and extravagance.


His passion for music is unparalleled for an eleven year-old boy. His favourite composer is J.S. Bach and he has listened to all of his keyboard works. Curtis maintains two hours of practice daily, which is not an easy task for a child at his age.


Curtis’ musical world is very big! He participates in competitions and has won numerous first prizes every year. Though he has won many competitions, Curtis stays humble and is never arrogant. He continues to volunteer at senior homes for fifteen times a year. He also plays violin and sings, and has achieved RCM Grade 10 violin and theory. He is also a section leader in his choir and participates in an orchestra.


Curtis' 2021 plan is to complete RCM ARCT piano exam and to compete in international piano competitions. 


Outside of music, Curtis is very well rounded! Curtis achieves top academic marks. He is fluent in English, Chinese, and French and has won numerous prizes for math and essay competitions. Curtis also participates in reading club, where he persistently reads one notable literary work every month. To stay active, Curtis also does taekwondo,and plays badminton and golf since the age of four.


Curtis is truly a radiant little pianist.

Alexander Ho Ting CHAN .jpg

Ho Ting Alexander Chan 

Alexander Chan is a primary 4 student at Singapore International School (Hong Kong).  He is also a Junior Music Program student at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Piano.  Alexander has achieved ABRSM Grade 8 (Distinction) in Piano when he was 9 and won prizes in local and international piano competitions, including the 69th, 70th and 71st Schools Music Festival, the Hong Kong International Music & Arts Festival, the University of Miami Frost Young Artist International Piano Competition and Hong Kong - Asia Piano Competition.  Alexander was recently interviewed by RTHK(Radio Television Hong Kong) to share his passion for music in their program “Student Concert Hall”.  Alexander is a member of the International Chess and Swimming Team at school and is a gold medal winner of Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad.


DA Ming Chak

DA MingChak, born in Hong Kong in 2010, started to play the piano at the age of five under the guidance of Zhenhua Tang, piano lecturer of Shenzhen University. Having displyed a good talent for music when he was young,he likes to sing songs while accompanying for himself. Thanks to his persistence in practice, he has the opportunity to perform in various concerts and competitions, such as:

2019 The Hong Kong Children and Youth Piano Contest---Silver Award;

2019 The Hong Kong International Piano Open Competition First Class Award;

2020 13th Shanghai International Youth Piano Competition First Class Award;

2020 The 9th Macao Piano Competition First Class Award;

2021 The United States ( USMCE)Piano Open Competition First Class Award;

2021 The 73rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival SILVER Award;

2020 The 1st Asian Youth Piano Championship Second Runner-up Award;

2021 The 8th GOCCA International Piano Competition (Preliminary) First Class Award. 



Nora Wang

Nora was born on October 2009 in Los Angeles California USA. Start playing piano at age Five. Move to Shenzhen, China at age Six. Currently attending Basis international school in Shenzhen. Nora has won numerous awards during her past few years of piano learning.  Recently received ABRSM piano performance grade 8 in distinction. Also a violin and flute player.


Alexander Liu

Alexander Liu

Birth date: June 7 2011 Age: 10

Piano Education

  •   Current Teacher: Mr. Diyi Tang

  •   Former Teacher: Mrs. Felicia Feng Zhang since 2016

    Performing Experience


  •   Performed with Richard Clayderman at New York Town Hall, Oct 2019

  •   Performed with Richard Clayderman at Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall, Oct


  •   TV Broadcast: American Youth Talent and Art Contests produced by Sinovision, Sep 2020

  •   TV Show: Gifted Young Pianist Season 1, Grand Finale in Himalayas Center, Shanghai, China,

    produced by iQiyi TV, Aug 2018

  •   9 Winner recitals at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall from 2017 to 2021

    Selected Awards

  •   Scholarship Award, Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division, June 2021

  •   1st Prize, VI Paderewski International Piano Competition, May 30th 2021

  •   1st Place, American protégé International Music Talent Competition Spring 2021

  •   2nd Place, Steinway Virtual Piano Competition, Tri-State Regionals, Oct 19 2020

  •   Advanced Bach Medal with full score for 15 Bach pieces, American College of

    Musicians/National Guild of Piano Teachers, June 2020

  •   Sonatina Medal for 15 Sonatina movements, American College of Musicians/National Guild of

    Piano Teachers, June 2019

  •   1st Placel, National Young Maestro, May 2020

  •   1st Placel, AADGT “Passion of Music 2020”, April 2020

  •   1st Place, American Youth Talent and Art Contests, Sep 2020

  •   1st Place, ADGT XXV Music Competition, March 2019


  •   RCM Piano Practical Level 9 – First Class Honor, Aug 2020

  •   RCM Music Theory Level 8 – First Class Honor with Distinction, Jan 2021

    Volunteer and Social activity

 Youth Leader, Piano Village Foundation/All Talent Academy Community Program 2019~2020

Iris Jiang.jpg

Iris Jiang

Iris Jiang, 10 years old, Grade 4 student at Crofton House School in Vancouver, Canada. Iris loves playing piano, skiing, and swimming. Iris started playing piano when she was 6, and she is passionate about piano. Playing piano make her to be more resilience and confident and be willing to challenge herself to over come difficulties. 

Iris won 1st place in Little Mozart Competition and performed in Carnegie Hall in May 2019 in New York. She also won 2019 Canadian young artist standards of excellent awards in 2019. In 2021, Iris wone 1st place in Intermediate Graded concert Group for Grade 8 level in solo piano; Silver awards in 20th and 21st Century Composers -Grade8 and Romantic Composer-Grade 8, Bronze awards in Baroque Composers -Grade 08 in KPU International Music Festival. 2nd place in PG10-Graded piano solo level 8 in Oymi Music Festival.