Final Round - Children  Division A 

No. 7 Children Division A

      - Age under 10 (born after July 1st,2011)

      - Three pieces of contrasting styles.

      - The total duration should be at least 10

        minutes, but no more than 15 minutes.

Final Round USA EST Time :Am10:00-Am12:00 August 25

GOCAA Jury Team

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Yidi  Ding

Yidi Ding



Born in Shanghai, China in August 2011, Yidi Ding began to learn piano at the age of 5. He was invited to participate in a solo concert at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center at the age of 6. He was invited by a China Record Corporation to release a personal CD album. In the same year, he was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York and Golden Hall in Vienna. Yidi Ding won most first prizes in many important piano competitions at home and abroad. At the age of 7, Yidi Ding was admitted to the pre-college of the Juilliard School, and become the youngest student in the school.


Mr.Gary Graffman, the famous piano educator said Yidi was a very gifted,tremendous talent kid. Dr.Yoheved Kaplinsky, dean of the piano department of Juilliard, said Yidi’s music is very natural and impressive full of emotional far exceeded his age. Dr. Marc Silverman, dean of the piano department of Manhattan School of Music said that Yidi is indeed a major musical talent, he expresses himself with great emotional depth and has built outstanding technical command, he is able to project his deeply-felt ideas precisely and persuasively. Yidi’s teacher, Dr.Victoria Mushkatkol said that Yidi has a huge ability to catch every one’s ear and eye to listen and watch his playing when he is performing. ​ was a child kissed 


  • In September 2017, he won the first prize in the children's category of "The Sound of the Yangtze River" Yangtze River Delta Musci Cup Finals.

  • In November 2017, he won the first prize in the children's category of "The Pearl Kayserburg" International Youth Piano Competition.

  • In February 2018, he won the first prize in the 8th Hong Kong International Piano Invitational Finals and the first prize in the young children category and the first prize in the Chinese Music Examination Group (no age limit).

  • In March 2018, he won the first prize and the "Special Talent Award" in the Children's Category of the US Golden Classical Music International Music Competition, and was invited to perform at the Carnegie Hall in New York.

  • In June 2018, he performed at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center and held a personal recital.

  • In July 2018, he won the first prize in "The Vienna International Music Competition" children's category and "The Best Juvenile Talent Award" with a perfect score of 100 points, and was invited to perform in the Golden Hall of Vienna.

  • In May 2018, at the invitation of the Chinese record company, recorded a personal CD album "LiuLingqin Ding Yidi Piano Performance Collection".

  • In August 2018, won the first prize in the children's group of the first Liszt Junior Piano Competition in the Netherlands and so on.

  • In April 2019, he was admitted to the pre-collage of the Juilliard school at the age of 7 years and became the youngest student in the school.

  • In September 2019, he was invited to play at the Trump Golf Club in the United States and was amazed by the audience.

  • In January 2020, he was selected as the "Young Scholar Program" by LangLang's New York International Music Foundation.

  • In May 2020, at the youngest age, he was invited to participate in "Transfer Love-Relay Concert of Global Chinese Musicians" jointly organized by China Education Television and Beijing Youth Broadcasting Station.

  • In June 2020, he started study composing and conducting. Now he have finished the creation of several piano pieces. The first work-"Song of   Panda" was highly praised by the American Grammy composition judges.

  • In October 2020, he won the first place in the children's category at the Steinway Piano Competition in USA’s three states (New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey) with a full score.

  • In December 2020, he won the “GRAND PRIX “CROWN OF STARS” at the Global MUSIC and STARS AWARDS compitation.

  • In April, 2021, he won the first prize at the Swiss ISCART International Music Competition.

Daniella Jin, No.7, Children Division A.jpg

Daniella Jin 

Daniella Jin was born in 2011 in a family of music and art with innate perception and sensitivity to music. She started learning piano at the age of four and has gained extensive on-stage experience since then. In September 2017, Daniella performed in her first personal piano recital at the age of six. She is the recipient of the State Honor award at the Certificate of Merit piano exam for two consecutive years since 2020, and won the first prize award for children’s division in the Pelican International Music Competition. To her, music has a rich collection of glamor that could be presented in the form of sincere passion, peaceful tranquility, elegant grace or restrained determination. Such fine characteristics of music will be her valuable companions in piano performance and in her life.

Derek Photo.jpg

​Derek Chen

Derek Chen’s Resume: 

Derek Chen, born in the United States in 2013. He is currently living in Vancouver, Canada. He is studying in Grade 2 at Collingwood School. Derek started to learn piano when he was 6 years old , under the tutelage of Fafan Xiao. His hobby is playing table tennis, skiing, mountain biking and painting. His dream is to become an Olympic table tennis champion in the future. 


*2020 Steinway piano Competition , Merit Award 

*2020 Celebrate Beethoven 250th Birthday GOCAA International Internet Piano Competition , Second Place Award 

*2021 Steinway Canada Young Artist Virtual Piano Competition, Bronze Award 

*2021 The Nordic International Piano Competition, “Bach invention/Sinfonia Class, Silver Award ”,  “Junior Performance Class B (age 6-7), Bronze Award ”.

Shawn Chen.jpg

Xiao Chen (Shawn) Chen

8 years old,he has been learning playing piano for 3 years and violin for 1.5 years.This year,Shawn attended the 2021 Canada international Youth Piano Competition and won the Third Prize.He was accepted as member of Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra.



Jeffery Chen 

Jeffery is eight years old, from Toronto, Canada. He began studying the piano at the age of six. Jeffery had participated in the 2019 and 2020 Outstanding Young Musicians International Music Festival. He placed third, and earned the Excellence Award and Best of Class, respectively. Apart from having a passion for music, Jeffery also enjoys reading, playing soccer, and basketball.

Marcus Yi Picture2.jpg

Marcus Yi


Marcus Yi, born in Toronto, Canada, 8 years old, has shown an unprecedented passion in playing the piano since age 5. His musical talent was soon discovered and has helped him progress very fast along with strong will in practice., Marcus was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall multiple times, and won first prizes including 2021 American Protégé International Piano & Strings Competition, 2020 Crescendo International Competition, Kiwanis Music festival, and OYMI international. The power of love and perseverance from music has developed him to actively participate in charity and pass musical joys to others, and also unlock his talents in other fields, including Chess, Math and Art.


  • First prize at 2021 American Protégé International Piano & Strings Competition 2021(Young Musicians Category, invited to perform at Carnegie Hall

  • First prize at 2020 Crescendo International Competition, invited to perform at Carnegie Hall

  • 2020 Steinway Canadian Young Artist Standards of Excellence Awards

  • First prize at 2020 Toronto Kiwanis Music festival - RCM Grade 7 group

  • First prize at 2020 OMYI International - RCM Grade 8 group

  • 3rd place at 2020 Chopin Avenue International Piano Competition

Sally Gu.jpg

Sally Gu 

Sally Gu is an 8 year old girl who lives in Toronto, Canada and she started her piano learning journey at the age of five. In the past three years, Sally has been working hard but had a lot of fun and excitement with her piano study.

In 2019, Sally competed at the Pickering GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Music Festival, won first place, and was rewarded as the Overall winner; she competed at the Newmarket Music Festival the same year and also won first place. In 2020, Sally competed at the Pickering GTA Music Festival, again won first place, and was rewarded as the Overall winner for a second year. She competed at the Toronto KIWANIS Music Festival and won 2nd place. In 2021, Sally competed virtually at the OYMI Music Festival with an overall mark of 89.66. 

Early 2021, Sally completed her very first Canadian Level 6 RCM piano exam with the mark of 91 (First Class Honors with Distinction) and is currently studying Canadian RCM Level 8.

Most recently, Sally was granted to enter as a finalist at the GOCAA International Piano Competition. It will be her first international competition, and she is very excited about this upcoming event. She looks forward to performing and learning from contestants across the world and will be taking this great opportunity to advance her piano studies furthermore. 

Christina Yifei Wang.jpeg

Christina Yifei Wang

Christina Yifei Wang is 8 years old. She studies at Crofton House School in Vancouver Canada. She studies piano for only one year with Ms. Qiao Wang. Christina loves play piano, and she also like drawing, reading and music.

Justin Ho.jpg

Justin Ho

"Justin started his piano journey when he was 5 years old. Since 2020, he has been studying with Dr YAP Man-shan at the piano faculty of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Over the past one year, he also attended master classes with Prof Yi-heng Yang and Mr Assaff Weisman of The Juilliard School.


At the 73rd Hong Kong School Musical Festival in 2021, Justin achieved 2nd place in the graded piano solo Grade 5 contest and won a silver award in the Chinese composers group."  


Charlotte Florence.jpeg

Charlotte Florence 

Deng,Charlotte Florence

7 years old,started to learn piano with Mr.FaFan Xiao since 2019.She has great artistic talent.She not only plays piano and violin,but also shows aptitudes for singing,speech,writing,ballet and painting.She was accepted as member of Vancouver Bach Choir Children‘s Group in 2019,received the winner of 2019 Canadian Young Artist Standards of Excellence Award,Second award in 2020 Celebrating Beethoven 250th GOCAA International Internet Piano Competiton and the silver award in 2020 Steinway piano competition,Third prize winner in Canada international Piano Competition in 2021,Second place in Vancouver Kiwanis Music Fesitival in 2021


Tie Yan Zhang

TieYan, ZHANG, 8 years old, has started to learn piano since he was 5. 


Competitions & Awards 

First Prize, Chidren Class C, Liszt Memorial Prizes International Piano Open Competition 2020 


Third Prize, Age 6-9,  International Liszt Ferenc Competition (Hungary-Budapest) 2020


SiYu Luo

SlYU  Luo,9 years old,learns the piano and harp .

2021 Singapore International Piano Competition  Finals  1st prize

2021 The 10th Shenzhen Piano Competition Concerto Group(regardless of age)6th place

2020 Music &Stars Awards Gold Star

2020 The 18th Xinghai Cup Piano Competition Guangdong 1st place

2020 The 12th Guangzhou Piano Competition 1st prize

2019 The 9th Shenzhen Piano Competition 2th place

2019 The 7th GOCAA International Competition Finals  1st prize