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Finals Application Fees 


Finals ( contestant can choose In-person or online on  finals)

Campaign for the most important awards :

GOCAA Professional Youth  Artist Award 2022

GOCAA Young Artist Award

specified requirements apply  to both the professional Division and concerto division

& Online finals No 1 Concerto Division : USD $280 

    send high definition recording video to :

    any concerto one movement 

& In-person finals:  Play concerto with symphony Orchestra ()

    Include 2 time rehearse ,1 time concerto concert : GOCAA 2022 concerto festival fee ($2000+final $280)

      specified track :Each finalist will perform a Mozart Piano concerto, chose by the finalist from the     following list ,play with the Symphony Orchestra , conducted by Dean Anderson

Mozart (chose One movement )

Piano Concerto No 9 in E- flat Major K 271

Piano Concerto No 20 in D Minor  K 466

Piano Concerto No 23 in A Major K 488

because finalist need time to prepare a new concerto piece , so concerto Festival will late to December

Application Deadline : July 15 

GOCAA Final Round : August 14-August 21 

In-preson : San Francisco 
or choose Online finals 

Application Deadline : July 15

Division No. 2-10 (Professional): USD $280

( Three different style pieces ,Example : Baroque Classic ,Romantic)

Division  No. 2-10 (Amateur ): USD $280

(any one pieces)

Division composition /other Instrument /Vocal / : USD $280


Application Guidelines

  1. Fill out the Application on our website:

  2. Payment options:

Credit Card: Pay on our web site.
Mail a Check: The Global 
Outstanding Chinese Artists Association

Please include applicant’s name and group number.


833 N. Humboldt St.
Apt. 209
San Mateo, CA 94401-1407

*There is an additional fee for participants selected to compete in the finals.

*Application fee is non-refundable. 

Notes for players who choose online finals: 

Record Video:


1) It need to be a continuously recorded video and completed within the specified time frame


2) The tracks can be combined freely, choose different styles to show your playing level


3) On the cover of the video (thumbnail), please write your name in pinyin, the track and work number in english


4) The player's name and group need to be marked on the file name 


5) In order to show the best level of the players, please find a good quality piano, tune the piano, and record your piece in a high definition video in a quiet place 


6) Landscape recording is required 



Professional Group Players video/application information

1. Personal resume must be written in English


2. High-definition photos (art photos or lifestyle photos)


3. Completed and recorded performance video 


Submission email:



Finals Awards: 


Signed Professional Young Artist award (6 Winners)


Signed Young Performer Award (6 Winners)


Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be selected for each category (one from each, or tied)


1) Will be invited to perform at GOCAA Annual Classical Youth Concert at Carnegie Hall in New York, USA in July 2023


2) Gets to perform with the Los Angeles Irvine Orchestra 


3) Gets the opportunity to enter the GOCAA classical music season, and perform in China, the United States, Canada, and Germany


4) Opportunity to publish and distribute records in Euro Records and Chinese record companies 


5) The contestants who participated in San Francisco Live Finals will receive a certificate of honor from the mayor


6) Competitors who have qualified for the finals can apply to join the Global outstanding Chinese Artist Association and apply for the membership of professional young performers/professional youth & children performers. Welcome to click on the membership application on the website, fill in the information, submit an application, and get the United States Issue membership certificate. 


Time of the global final (August 14 - August 21) The details of the finals arrangements will be announced on the association's public account and the US website


email: (chinese or english)


Chinese service Wechat: GOCAAF


WeChat public account: GOCAAUSA

Online Finals  Application

(You can choose one group or several groups) (A B C)

Video submission is optional, not required.

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