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Dear participants,

Thank you for applying to the 2022 GOCAA San Francisco International Music Competition organized by the Global Outstanding Chinese Artists Association. The preliminary round will consist of an online preliminary round, as well as in-person preliminary rounds in various cities.

Preliminary Notice 

1. About the Online Preliminary Round

    We will send emails to each participant in groups. Before June 10th, the specific competition time will be announced via both email and Wechat Official Account. We will be broadcasting the participants’ videos on Zoom. The evaluators will watch the videos online and select participants who will advance to the final round, as well as evaluating the performance of the participants. Due to time differences around the world, some competition times may be during the late night for some areas, so please plan your schedule accordingly to listen to the valuable feedback of distinguished experts and use this as an opportunity to learn.


2. About the Preliminary Evaluations

    The preliminary round evaluation team will consist of a main evaluator and an evaluation jury. Each group of participants will receive comments from the main evaluator and the jury will give a score to each participant to decide recipients of the First, Second, Third, and Excellence Prizes. 

    Main Evaluators include professors from prominent music schools in the US, Germany, and UK, as well as distinguished professional performers.

    Members of the jury will consist of a group of outstanding music educators, including the instructors of previous 1st prize winners of the competition.


3. About the In-Person Preliminary Round

    We will be holding the in-person preliminary round in San Francisco and Vancouver. The in-person evaluation team will consist of professors from prominent music schools in the US to evaluate the contestants and to hold masterclasses and award ceremonies.


4. First Prize winners in the preliminary round will be officially qualified for the final round. Second Prize winners will be eligible for alternate qualification by applying to participate in the final round via email. For Second Prize winners, the opportunity to participate in the final round will be decided based on a certain quota.


The online video submissions for participants have already been published on the GOCAA YouTube channel. Please leave a like or comment under your performance videos, and invite more audience members to view your videos and vote for the Audience’s Favorite award.


GOCAA YouTube Channel:




GOCAA Official


GOCAA Facebook :


Best of luck to everyone! We hope you enjoy the opportunity to learn and communicate while participating in this competition.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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