Final Round - Junior  Division C (12-14 )

No. 5 Junior Division C

      - Age under 14 (born after July 1st, 2007)

      - Three pieces of contrasting styles.

      - The total duration should be at least 10       

      minutes, but no more than 15 minutes.

Final Round USA EST Time :Pm3:00-Pm5:00 August 27

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Mike Chen 

From the United States now living in Canada, is 13-year-old Mike Chen who is very fond of both the Piano and Cello. He started playing both of the instruments when he was in the first grade out of interest and for entertainment. He recently picked up both the instruments again after dropping them for a while, and has continued his journey.


Mike just finished the RCM level 8 Theory exam, and is moving on to Harmony 9. Within the next couple of months, he plans to achieve his goals of obtaining RCM level 8 on the Piano and 9 on the Cello. He has set the bar high, and wishes to pass with flying colours. 


Mike and his family have travelled to numerous cities, and enjoyed their culture, art and music genres. In his free time, Mike loves playing sports with his brother and father such as Soccer, Swimming, Golf, Volleyball, and more. This keeps him active, and allows him to have fun at the same time. 


His favourite classical musicians are Robert Schuman, and Felix Mendelssohn. Both these two composers were from the Romantic Era. Mike particularly adores songs that are meaningful, and to be played beautifully with longer melodies, more dynamics and expressions. 


In the upcoming years, Mike will contribute to the community by his performances. He plans to host a charity concert, where all the donations would go to orphanages and hospitals. Mike Chen will continue towards his goals, and do what he loves!

Jessica Jung_Photo_GOCAA.jpg

Jessica Jung 


Jessica Jung is from Toronto, Ontario in Canada and is 13 years old. She began playing piano at the age of 3 when she resided in Vancouver, British Columbia. Jessica has won numerous awards at different piano competitions over the years. Her most notable achievements include being a National Finalist in two consecutive years at the Canadian Music Competition (Montreal 2018 and Calgary 2019), and placing first at the Crescendo International Music Competition, for which she performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York in 2017. She presently studies piano under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Esch.


Lukas Kan 


Lukas Kan 12 years old enjoys playing Piano, having piano competition.   On his spare time we likes to lay sports and work on creating his own piano song.  His dream is to become a very famous pianist.


Fafan Piano studio            Nov 2019 – Present 


First place 2020 Beethoven Piano Competition 

First place 2021 preliminary GOCCA International Piano Competition

Two First place awards in2020第三届深圳钢琴教学展演邀请赛

First place 2020 Fafan Steinway piano Competition in both voting and judge categories

2021 Canadian Young Artist Standards of Excellence Award

2021 Gold metal Steinway piano competition

2021 Two Bronze and One Silver in the Northern Lights Piano Festival and Competition


Zihan Jin

Jin Zihan began to learn piano at the age of 4 and was admitted to the piano major of the attached primary school of Shanghai Conservatory at age of 10. He has been studying with Professor Yun Sun for six years. He achieved excellent results and won many school-level scholarships. 

1. The 2015 Pearl River Cesar Castle National Youth Piano Competition was the first in Zhejiang and the fourth in the country.

2. Five consecutive "Gardiner Cup" National Piano Finals for Young People All Won Special Prizes;

3. Zhejiang Province and the National Finals of the 2015 Little Performers' Cup Piano Competition both won special prizes.

4. The third and fifth Bastian International Piano Competition all won the first place in the national finals and the national elite competition grand prize.

5. The 17th "Xinghai" Cup Piano Competition in 2018 was the second place in Group B for children in Zhejiang Division.

6. No.1 in Group B of Children in Zhejiang Division of 2018 Shanghai International Youth Piano Competition.

7. The 2018 Boya Piano Competition won the Grand Prize in the National Finals and the First Prize in the Elite Competition.

8. The 2018 China Merchants Bank "Golden Sunflower" Cup National Children's Piano Competition won the first place in Group B of Zhejiang Children's Competition. Second place in the national finals;

9. In 2019 Steinway National Youth Piano Competition, Shanghai won the first place in professional group A and the first place in the national finals.

 10.the first prize of American TV Professional Group in the 8th GOCAA International Piano Competition, the video was selected by American Chinese TV, obtained the certificate of "Genius Boy" recording, and was signed by the European record company KNS to release the album worldwide. 

11.In 2020, I won the first prize of Piano Group C and the grand prize of Piano Group in Switzerland Classical International Music Competition for Tomorrow. His performance in piano major is among the best, and he has won Niu Ende Scholarship for many times.

12.In 2021, the youngest player won the first place in Piano Group B of the 11th Tchaikovsky International Youth Music Competition China Piano Preliminary Competition;

13.First prize of the International Music Competition in Nice, France in 2021, and selected as the youngest Chinese performer out of 600 excellent instrument players to be selected for the live concert of excellent performers, and won the special award;

14.Won the first prize of piano in the Hungarian International Music Competition in 2021.

15.In 2021, he won the first prize of the Karlsruhe International Music Competition in Germany. 16.In 2021, won the first prize in Piano Group A of ISC International Music Competition of Swiss Musicians.

17.In 2021, won the first place of the four open groups in the 4th US Federal Piano Open (Asia Pacific Cloud Final);

18.In 2021, he won the first place of Chinese works in China (Ningbo) Grand Canal International Piano Art Festival and Lang Lang Cup Piano Final, and was honored to be selected by Master Lang Lang to attend master class.

19.In 2021, won the first place in Group A of China (Ningbo) Grand Canal International Piano Art Festival and Lang Lang Cup Piano Final, and performed the winning works at the closing ceremony;

20.In 2021, he won the first prize in the 13th International Music Competition in Italy.



YiLang Xu

Yilang Xu and I’m a 13-year-old boy from Guangzhou, China.

I began to learn the piano at the age of 5. Over the years, I had already been took part in a lot of different competitions. 

In 2018, I first raised the courage to take part in the 6th Global Outstanding Junior Players(GOCAA) Professional Group.

I was nominated for the Global Outstanding Junior Players

The first award of Professional group juvenile group D

The first award of Amateur group Sonatina Group

The first award of Amateur group Chinese Style Music Group

The 1st Lonishi (Hengshui) International Piano Competition in 2018

Special grade award of the 55th Group Children Group A (by playing Chinese Style Music)


HaoYu Xiong 

Xiong Yuhao (age 13) started piano at the age of 5.He is a student of Gulangyu Piano School of Central Conservatory of Music. He won prize of multiple 1st places:

Xiong Yuhao's piano awards from 2018 to 2019

★ In 2018, Xiong Yuhao won the gold medal in the final of the Vienna Mozart International Piano Competition and the highest score and was invited to perform in the award presentation party.


★ In 2019, in the 7th Global Outstanding Musician International, Xiong Yuhao won the first prize in the global finals and received the most telented Award by the jury.


★ In the end of 2019 He took part in A journey to find roots Outstanding Musician New Year Concert .( The only invited child from Hainan)


★ In 2019, He won the first prize of Chopin Memorial Award Hong Kong International Piano Open national finals.


★ In 2019, He won the first prize of China/Boao Piano Festival National Finals.


★In 2019, He won the first prize of Singapore International Youth Piano Competition.

Adrian Chan.jpg

Adrian Chan 

Adrian Chan has been studying piano under the tutelage of Ms. Claudia Lau since he was 6 years old.


In 2019, he achieved the highest score in Grade 8 piano in the academic year and received a gold medal from the Royal Conservatory of Music and was invited to perform at the Mazzoleni Hall as a gold medalist recipient.

In 2021, he was presented with the Gold Award in Steinway Toronto Piano Competition for his age group. He was also awarded first prize in the 2021 International Youth Music Competition Atlanta US, and second prize at the 2021 Ontario Music Festival Provincial Finals - Grade 10 piano after being nominated by four different local music festivals as the finalist.

His other recent notable achievements include:  Ann Scott Mumford Award at Wishing Well Music Scarborough, and first prize at the Outstanding Young Musician International Music Festival, the Toronto Kiwanis Music Festival, and the Unionville Music Competition to name a few.

Besides his love for piano, Adrian also enjoys soccer, basketball, swimming, reading and spend time with his friends.  Adrian is 12 years old and currently lives in Toronto, Canada.